Beware of the “Valentine’s Effect”

Love is in the air. Some say it is the most romantic day of the year. Others dismiss it as merely a commercial boondoggle. And then, there are those experiencing the “Valentine’s Effect.”

What is the Valentine’s Effect?

While many people are shopping online for Valentine’s Day gifts to delight their significant other at places like Tiffany & Co.Victoria’s and even Amazon, others hit the Internet for something less romantic. According to multiple studies—including AVVO and CNN Money—requests for information about divorce surge 40% in the weeks approaching Valentine’s Day. FindLaw found that the spike in “divorce” searches starts in January and lasts through March, but the fact remains that this is divorce season. And—men listen up—67% of those seeking information are women.

But Why Valentine’s Day?

According to the ABA Journal, “no one wants to get divorced during the holidays.”  Valentine’s Day can be a tipping point for many people who have just experienced a disappointing holiday season. Coming on the heels of Christmas, another holiday that may have come with unfulfilled expectations, Valentine’s Day may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  If the holiday season was a romantic disappointment, a less than romantic Valentine’s Day could seal the deal.

Gift-giving holidays like Valentine’s Day are a prime time for cheaters to get caught with their proverbial pants down. Sure, there is the classic lipstick on the collar scenario, but most people get caught cheating because the gifts they send to or receive from their lovers are discovered, or they get caught being somewhere they shouldn’t be. In fact, many cheaters unwittingly expose themselves on Valentine’s Day: the girlfriends, boyfriends, the side action, the significant others—they all get found out.

So, if you don’t want your marriage to fall victim to the “Valentine’s Effect,” take stock of your relationship and make a consistent effort to spend quality time together. Otherwise, you may find yourself as the responding party in a divorce suit.

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